My areas of interest include, but are not limited to, true crime, history, politics, and popular culture. My educational background is history and politics. I have been writing since 2002 and professionally since 2013. I have run my own successful websites using WordPress in the past, including Doctor Who Worldwide, based on the BBC TV series of the same name, and Red Revolution Media, a political website.

In 2006, I was the recipient of a prestigious American Design Award for my web design work.

Since 2021, I have been a regular contributor to FrontPage Detectives from EMG Media, and Winter is Coming, part of the Fansided network.

I enjoy science-fiction, fantasy, gaming, and a wide variety of music.

Nordic Noir: 14 Unsolved True Crime Case

If you enjoy my work, please consider purchasing my book: Nordic Noir: 14 Unsolved True Crime Cases available now at Amazon.

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I am a freelance long-form writer who writes on true crime, politics, history and more. I am entirely self-funded and if you like my work, please consider a donation via PayPal as a token of appreciation. You can join my mailing list for the latest articles and also like my Facebook page. I’m also active on Twitter. I can be contacted for projects through my website where you’ll also find lots more content.

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